Display Risers: Types and Uses Of Display Risers

by Bennie

These display risers simply refer to display tools used by businesses and organizations to showcase or highlight certain products. These tools are usually small and built to sit on top tables or shelves and draw customers’ attention to certain items on the shelf; either to create awareness for new products being introduced to the market or to make other products or items visible to customers.

Different types of display risers

The different types of display risers are classified into two categories and they are:

According to the materials they are made from

The common materials used for the production of display risers are glass, acrylic, plastic, and sometimes metal. Each type of display riser suits different settings, brands, business types, and themes.

According to their structure

Display risers can be designed differently in terms of structure and all functions to give different display effects and for different types of products. Some types of display risers according to their structure include:

Pedestal display risers

Pedestal risers are pedestals built to display items. They are very popular for displaying artworks like carvings or ancient artifacts. They are also used to display very special jewelry. Pedestal display risers can be small and designed to sit on table tops or could be large and designed to stand on their own.

Block and cube display risers

As the name implies, this set of display risers is cubed or box-shaped. They are available in a variety of sizes and items can either be stored inside the boxes or on top of the cubes. They could be used for table top displays as well as standalone display risers.

Tiered display risers

Tiered display risers are built in tiers or mini staircases. It is perfect for displaying a wide variety of items like different color shades of nail polish and other items. Tiered display risers can also be used to display small jewelry items like earrings and rings. They are usually small and designed to sit on a surface.

U-shaped display risers

The u-shaped display risers consist of several u-shaped pieces that could measure between 2 inches and 2 feet in size. They are customizable and can be used as a single set or as separate pieces.

Shoe display risers

Shoe display risers are single z-shaped display risers that are used to display shoes. These display risers are specially designed to hold footwear in such a way that all its features are visible. As expected, they are popular in shoe stores

Cylinder display risers

Cylinder display risers consist of a set of hollow cylindrical tubes that can be used to display items in more than one way. Items can either be placed in the display cylinder, underneath the cylinder or on top of the cylinder to get a beautiful display effect. Cylinder display cylinders come in different sizes but are mainly designed to sit on other surfaces.


As earlier stated, the main purpose of display risers is to draw attention to certain products or showcase certain items. They can be used to display items in a mall, jewelry shop, food store, or even to display antique pieces at home or artwork in a museum.

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